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Create a fresh start by bringing facility bookings for councils and parks online with Bookteq, the complete sports facility booking software and management system.

Bookteq makes it easy to manage the facilities at your council or park

Council-run sports facilities and parks require a lot of time and energy to manage resources efficiently. With so many different venues and green spaces, it can be complicated to keep track of all the comings and goings at each location. Even having made the switch to digital management, it’s not always easy to find a system that can handle the diverse needs of different facilities.

Bookteq is the answer to these frustrations. We’ve consulted with a variety of venue managers combined with our own expertise to produce a sports booking software that will save you time and increase your team’s productivity, as well as reducing admin errors like double bookings. The dynamic software allows you to manage bookings and customers, create reports and automate invoices all in one place, so you can use your time more resourcefully. In addition, you can even set bespoke price schemes to offer reduced prices to different groups within your community.

The user-friendly software is easy to use for complete beginners and seasoned booking system users alike. Not to mention, our expert team are always on hand to help you get started with online customer support through phone or live chat. Whether you’re managing football pitches, tennis courts, sports halls, or all of the above for your council, Bookteq is the right software for you.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to maximise utilisation and revenue for your facilities and green spaces, we can increase your exposure through the Playfinder marketplace.

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